VR-Tours through old Frankfurt (Oder)

VR tour “Train Station – Interiors” 1925

The Frankfurt (Oder) train station was built in 1923-24 by the architect Wilhelm Behringer as the heart of the building ensemble between the Beresinchen tunnel and Kiliansberg. While the facades of the station are largely preserved today, its interior has been fundamentally changed by several conversions. For this reason, the station can no longer be seen today in its former elaborate design. On this VR tour you will experience the Frankfurt train station as Frankfurters saw it immediately after it opened in 1924. Let me take you to the richly decorated train station of the 1920s. Visit its interiors and see them as they looked immediately after completion!

Bahnhof Frankfurt (Oder) 1925

This VR tour includes:

-the big hallway
-the cabin baggage counters
-the waiting room of the 1st & 2nd Class
-the waiting room of the 3rd & 4th Class
-the small lobby with the Mitropa sales
-the large hall
-the information stand
-the baggage handling hall
-the atrium

VR tour “Standard”: approx. 20 min
Language: German
14,00 €

VR Tour “Extended”: approx. 30 min
Language: German
19,00 €

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